7 Examples Of Great Reel Ideas For Small Business

Reels are Instagram’s answer to TikTok videos. They are short, multi-clip videos that can run up to 30 seconds long. They are displayed in portrait orientation and are usually accompanied by audio, music or captions or filters.

Although Reels, like TikToks, are often thought of as a young-person’s format, they can actually be a great tool for businesses! This is because good Reels get better organic reach than regular posts. The feature is new to Instagram and has been created in order to compete with TikTok which means that Instagram is rewarding accounts who use it by showing it to more people! You’ll see this yourself if you go to the Discover tab of your Instagram app, take note of how many Reels there are among the other types of posts.

We know if can be hard to know how best to make use of a new feature like this when it is released, so we’ve done some research for you and created a quick guide with some great examples that you can recreate for your own business.


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We’ve been noticing more and more small businesses in our feed using the new feature and so we collected some of the examples we’ve seen and have listed them here for you along with an explanation of the message that each ones offers to the Insta audience.

We’ve collected Reels posted by small‑medium businesses in a range of industries including construction, retail, accounting, health and fitness and more.

Each example shows a different message you can send your audience using this fun and engaging medium on Instagram.

Shout out to all the businesses featured in this guide! Follow their accounts to show some support and for more Instagram inspiration!

Example 1 – “How we do it”

Give your audience a peek behind the curtain by showing them your process to create your product step by step!

This gives your customers an idea of the love and care you put into your work ‑ especially if it’s handmade like the candles made by @unitycandlesco.

Example 2 – Answer a common question

Turn one of your FAQs from customers and clients into a Reel!

In this example, Melbourne-based @kulayoga knows that new yogis at their studios might not be familiar with all of the phrases that the instructor might use in a class so they have provided a demo with options for different levels of ability.

Example 3 -Be the expert

Share some knowledge with your audience to show them that you are an expert in your field and that they can trust you and your services.

In this example, @advisory_corp_accountants gives a short and snappy explanation of paying tax on Cryptocurrency.

Example 4 – Product Demo

Show off your products to your audience!

In this Reel, @theresorstore wears some of their fresh pieces to show their audience what’s new in their store and how it can be worn.

Example 5 – Introduce the Team


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A post shared by Jarin Street (@jarin_street_)

This type of Reel gives your audience some insight into who you are and helps them to connect with your business on a more personal level.

Videos featuring yourself or your staff don’t need to be super professional or polished, your audience understands that you’re not a TV presenter ‑ just be yourself! We love this example by @jarin_street_ shows one of their team members who not only introduces themselves but talks about a key point of difference between Jarin Street and other fitness wear brands.

Example 6 – “Our process”


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A post shared by Beth Builds (@bethbuilds)

This is another great behind the scenes example.

In this Reel, @bethbuilds can educate her audience on this method of sustainability in building projects and the level of effort and attention to detail it requires.

Example 7 – Have fun!


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A post shared by Fluffy Crunch® (@fluffycrunch)

The short and punchy nature of Reels makes them really fun to experiment with. You can play with lots of different audio, songs, editing, filters, transitions, captions and more to get interesting outcomes.

So get creative with your team and try out a popular Reel or TikTok trend or come up with you own fun idea like the team at @fluffycrunch have!

Learn by doing!

We know that learning to master new features can be daunting. But if you’re wondering how you can get your content to be seen by more people on Instagram, Reels is a great way to do it!

Remember, you don’t need to overcomplicate things. Your first Reels don’t need to feature fancy transitions or multiple blocks of text to be effective. Start experimenting and make a plan to try out one of the ideas we’ve listed in our guide. Don’t forget to tag @naviidigital in the comments so we can give your first Reel some love.

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