Digital Business Capabilities Package for CA ANZ members

Navii Digital Business Capabilities Package for CA ANZ members

Digital Engagement Health CheckDigital Bizkeeper 101 Self-Paced1 one on one coaching sessionAccess to the online course libraryFacebook group

Starting April 2022, two options available

Package option


$841.50 $935


Includes a 6-week self-paced industry leader course Digital BizKeeper 101, Digital Engagement Health Check™, Private 1h Digital Coaching session and 12-month access to digital course library. This package has been designed to help you become a leader in your field by having the most up to date know-how on operating a business in the digital age.
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Course library option


$143 $220


12-month access to the Digital Academy course library to learn how businesses successfully market online with our step-by-step, detailed courses. The array of courses on offer will develop your knowledge on the non-negotiables of digital marketing strategies. You will be capable of guiding businesses to move to digital processes through the confidence you have gained.
Please apply the coupon provided to you by CA ANZ at Checkout

Program Overview

This program has been specially put together as a self-paced learning program for CA ANZ members who’d like to gain knowledge on the fundamental requirements for businesses to have an effective online presence and digital marketing strategy.

The program includes two options:

Package Option  (recommended):

6-week, self-paced industry leader course Digital BizKeeper 101, Digital Engagement Health Check™ , Private 1h Digital Coaching session and 12 month access to digital course library. 

Topic: Digital Marketing
Sub-Topic: Digital assets, online growth, digital strategy, online presence, content creation, design, content management, SEO, social media, Facebook, Instagram
Format: E-Learning Modules, Live Coaching
Proficiency Level: Beginner, Intermediate
CPD: Up to 31 hours

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the fundamentals of supporting businesses when establishing an online business and marketing strategy.
  • Use implementation in tactics to establish and optimise fundamental digital marketing platforms for business.
  • Utilise data to develop strategies in growing business through digital marketing.
  • Understand how to shape product offerings and marketing material around a business’s strengths.
  • Set customer expectations for more positive experiences.
  • Understand the basic functionality of data analytics within digital marketing to provide online growth.

Course Library Option:

12 month access to digital course library

Topic: Digital Marketing
Sub-Topic: Blogging, reputation management, Facebook messenger, Facebook ads, Google, SEO, imagery, grant funding, analytics, Instagram, automation, website
Format: E-Learning Modules
Proficiency Level: Beginner, Intermediate
CPD: Up to 18 hours

Learning outcomes:

  • Establish key communication processes and smart office technology in order to save time, automate administrative processes and protect your digital assets.
  • Use a method to reframe your services and experiences and establish online reputation management processes for growth.
  • Understand foundational marketing platforms, strategies and techniques that are relevant and achievable for businesses.
  • Have greater confidence with digital strategies and enhance your skills to attract more visitors to a website and create conversion from leads to buyers.
  • Grasp the fundamentals of Facebook with a focus on what is relevant and beneficial to businesses when it comes to using Facebook Pages.
  • Be clear on the basics of Instagram, learn how to optimise a business profile and form a better understanding of the current opportunities of Instagram for business.

Program Dates

The program is opened to any CA ANZ member from April 2022 until May 7th, 2023.


Participant questions

Your program page is the best place to find information about your program.  All programs pages that you have access to will be listed and linked on your dashboard.

Your program page will include (if applicable):

  • an overview of what is included
  • key dates
  • links to book coaching sessions
  • the status of your Digital Health Check and a link to your Digital Health Check once completed 
  • any forms that you need to fill out

**Please note that participant-specific information will only be visible on your program page when you are logged in.

Important program information, dates and links are also generally emailed to you from [email protected] - so check your inbox for emails from Navii.  And even better, add [email protected] to your address book/contact list to ensure emails from us get to your inbox.

Webinars are run through Zoom.  Links to join are emailed through Zoom ([email protected]).

You will receive an initial invitation, as well as a reminder, 1 day and 1 hour before the webinar is due to commence.  Each of these emails will include your link to join.

If you cannot find your zoom link go to your program page and click the button to re-register.


All Zoom invites and reminders will come from [email protected].

If you are not receiving Zoom emails, but are receiving our emails, there are two common problems:

  • Zoom emails maybe be getting filtered to your spam/junk folder.
  • Your organisation may be blocking emails from Zoom

Please read this article by Zoom for how to solve the problem (and make sure to read right to the bottom, because the simplest possible solution is right at the end).  Unfortunately, we cannot solve this issue on our end as it is a problem between your email server and Zoom.

Links to join are unique so please don't share your link.

The best place to find an answer to this question is through your program coordinator.  They will generally email the successful applicants.  We then follow this up with an email including program information and instructions.

Once you have confirmed your participation and validated your details using the "Welcome to the program" email (the first email you would have received from Navii), you are considered enrolled. 

On your My Account area, you will be able to change/update at any time, at no cost:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Business name
  • Digital Engagement Health Check ™ urls

Note that if your program components have already been initiated, these details will only be taken into consideration at the next initiation of your program components. This means that if your Digital Engagement Health Check ™ has already been queued to start, these details will not be updated until another Digital Engagement Health Check ™ gets initiated. 

Changes that need to be requested in writing

Any changes not listed above are considered a 'change of enrolment'. To do so, you need to fill out our change of enrolment request accessible from the button on your program page. 
Your request will be sent to the client and program coordinator. Please be aware that changes of enrolment that cannot be automated incur a fee. The client will contact you if this is the case to get your approval if this is the case.

Example of change of enrolment that may incur a fee:

Examples of “change of enrolment” include (but are not limited to)

  • Change of email address and/or contact details of the participant
  • Change of program participant (e.g. staff member has left the business)
  • Re-subscribing a participant that unsubscribed or marked our emails as spam.
  • Change of asset URLs for the Digital Engagement Health Check ™ once it has been initiated (which happens immediately when the participant is onboarded.
    Note: If the participant wants to update their asset URLs for us to consider in their subsequent Digital Engagement Health Check, they can do so by themselves from their Account detail area of their ‘My Account’ area. Note that these details will only be taken into consideration for their subsequent Digital Engagement Health Check ™ if it has not yet been initiated. Doing so after it has been initiated will be considered a change of enrolment.
  • Requesting the DHEC ™ to be completed at a different time
  • Requesting the coaching to be brought forward or completed post-coaching timeframes.

All courses that you have access to can be found on your dashboard.  You can quickly navigate to your dashboard from your program page from the button under quick access beside your action items.

      1. Navigate to and login with your username and password. Reset your password if you can't remember it by clicking the password reset link
      2. You will be redirected to your Dashboard (if not, click My Services in the main menu and choose Dashboard)
      3. Look for a link to your program page on your Dashboard or click the green "My Program" on the navigation menu
      4. You will be redirected to your program page. If coaching is included in your program you will find a coaching area similar to the one below. Click the "Book Coaching" button
      5. You will be redirected to the coaching booking page. Filter by the topic you’d like to focus on. Select a coach, date and time for your coaching session. 

        Once you have booked your booking is automatically confirmed.
        Look for a confirmation email in your inbox. If you use a digital calendar this booking would have automatically been added to it.  Familiarise yourself with the information in the confirmation email. Notice the special links to book or reschedule. 

        6. You can now book coaching sessions 6 months in advance.

Once you have booked a coaching session, you will have until 24h prior to the session to reschedule or cancel the session. Else it will be considered forfeited.

To reschedule or cancel you must follow the below steps:

  • Look for your original confirmation email in your inbox or search your calendar. Use the search term "" if you can't find it. Please check your spam and your bin.
  • Click the reschedule or cancel, as per screenshots below.
  • The confirmation email will come [email protected]

Note: Each participant can only reschedule a coaching session 2 x times. After that, the session is considered forfeited if you do not attend. 

Example of a calendly booking in your inbox.
Example of a Calendly booking in your calendar.

The below may or may not be included in your program. Check your program page for inclusions.

Twice monthly, you may enjoy the security and support of our team via our Live Group Coaching Calls. These are small group support calls where we’ll do our best to answer any strategic & marketing questions or troubleshoot any technical questions you may have.

They occur every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 12 – 1 pm QLD time and every 4th Thursday of the month at 10 – 11 am.

You need to sign up for every coaching call you’d like to attend as they’re delivered in our Zoom meeting room so have your mic and camera on as everyone is here to help each other and everyone will be able to see and hear you. 

Visit the support calls page to book. 

The below may or may not be included in your program. Check your program page for inclusions.

All of our sessions are tailored to achieve your objectives and fix your own issues. You can expect our session to be hands-on, full of advice and we will most likely share screen and be able to fix issues right there on the spot by taking control of your mouse.

For example, we could:

  • improve your website’s Search Engine Optimisation by structuring your page’s content to follow Google’s recommendations
  • configure Google Analytics
  • review and update your Google My Business listing
  • review your marketing campaigns and show you how to track their success in Google Analytics
  • offer a general project scope for all of the set-up of your digital strategy
  • help you to optimise your business' Facebook page or Instagram account
  • teach you how to write a blog post
  • set up automation with free third-party services and tools to free up your time
  • feed your Instagram images directly into your site, and so on

The Digital Engagement Health Check ™ is a tool we have developed to help you quickly assess what areas of your online presence need improvement to provide a better online experience to your potential clients. 

The DEHC™ is a very detailed assessment of your business’s online presence. It provides a thorough analysis of important aspects of your website, Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business profiles.

Navii will conduct a scan against detailed criteria for each platform with recommendations on how to improve in these areas.

Not all programs include a Digital Engagement Health Check ™. You can always buy one separately here. 

In order to complete a Digital Engagement Health Check ™ of your business, we have collected information such as:

  • Website URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Instagram URL
  • Your industry sector

These details were provided by yourself either at the:

  • expression of interest stage through your industry organisation/council
  • on our Navii checkout page when you signed up for a product/package or program yourself. 

If you have joined us via an expression of interest, we will show you the details provided when we send you the enrolment email.

Once you confirm your enrolment using the link provided and click the confirmation on our account creation page, these details will be final and will not be able to be modified. 

Note: we send you 2 emails and SMS reminders to check the details provided. If we haven't heard from you after these reminders you will be automatically enrolled and won't be able to modify your details.

Before setting up your account in Navii you will receive an email to confirm the participant name. It is important you pay attention to this email as all program components (e.g. zoom, Digital Engagement Health Check™, coaching calls, one on ones) will be attached to this participant.

Once confirmed, this cannot be changed unless it is a case of force majeure. In this instance please contact your industry organisation who is funding your program who will liaise with us. 

You can view and download your course certificates in the My courses and certificates section of your account and in each course.

I have just finished the last week of your amazing course.  I am so proud of what I have achieved in just sticking with it.  When I look back at what I’ve actually completed I am feeling very inspired to keep going back over each week’s lesson to slowly cementing a permanent change for me and more importantly Sky View’s marketing presence.

Jackie Burling

Sky View Units

It’s unbelievable how much clarity I gained from my coaching session with a Tourism Tribe expert digital strategist. I can only imagine how much time and money I would have wasted if I had gone down the path that a web designer initially suggested. Fabienne did a review of my online presence prior to our phone call and we shared computer screens so I could see the results for myself. It was the best money I ever spent. Or shall I say it saved me $3,200 and 3 weeks work!

Amber Rogers

Marketing Manager, 1770 LARC! Tours