How much is a lack of knowledge about running your business online costing you?

We provide digital direction aligned to your business goals in plain English

Learn and set up the non-negotiable tactics to get more leads & sales.

Our wise & friendly team provides clear and tailored advice and a good dose of motivation to help you take the right next digital step for your business.

the Navii team, located all over Australia

We're a match if...

You are a time-poor small business owner

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You know digital marketing is important but you don't know where to start

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You want access to digital experts without paying thousands of $$$

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You have a website but you don't know how to make the most of it

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You want to be part of a community of like-minded business owners

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You lack motivation

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We're proud to be

Navii is run by a team of passionate small business enthusiasts, digital coaches and technology wranglers.

We help small businesses navigate the vast web of information available about using digital in business

We provide trusted advice and tested tech solutions to enable businesses drive their growth and productivity

We guide small businesses on their next best step in going digital


We’ve packaged the indispensable must-knows when marketing a small Australian business online into a free, 5-day course delivered via email. It’s called “Cut Through The Clutter”.


  • Buyer beware Cheatsheet – how not to get ripped off by a web expert
  • Small Business Grants List – curated resource or current grants
  • The Ultimate Instagram Checklist – best practice elements including branding, bio, highlights, content & engagement.

Wherever you are located in Australia, Navii will support you to grow your small business without wasting time and money on mistakes and false starts.

Dear small business owner & supporter,

Since 2007, the team behind Navii has helped 13,245 small business people get unbiased digital advice in Australia and around the world.  

We have developed, run and digitised 334 workshops and lost track of the number of personalised coaching sessions we have delivered.

Wherever you are located in Australia, Navii will support you to grow your small business without wasting time and money on mistakes and false starts.

Most importantly, over the last 13 years we have steadily built a network of digital professionals whom we trust to provide help and advice to those who want to take the next best step to grow their business in the digital age. We have also turned away many cowboys who knocked on our door wanting us to share their ‘special offers’ with our community.

You’re looking for advice and insight and may not know how to make all your digital assets and your team work in harmony. You want to work with experts and your time is valuable.

This is why we have created Navii, with services that suit the needs of those who do not have all the marketing and technology expertise they need on their team and are seeking cost effective solutions to grow their digital skills and engage experts to do things for them.

Welcome onboard.

About Navii

The Empowering Business to Go Digital program (which we affectionately named Navii) is a key outcome of Australia’s Federal Government’s Small Business Digital Taskforce report. Read Minister Andrew’s media release here.

The Navii team practises what they preach and utilise the lightweight digital tools that they suggest to small business operators to achieve their own business growth through digital marketing and operational efficiency, all suitable to a small nimble business.

Our founders, Liz & Fab, who also created the award-winning online learning and support platform for tourism operators in 2015, established Navii using the Empowering Business to go Digital grant.  Their vision was to create a new business to increase digital awareness in small businesses across Australia.

The experience, learnings, tools and success, created to benefit the tourism sector in Tourism Tribe, is now accessible to all small businesses to leverage digital technology for improved sales, marketing and operational efficiencies.

Values we stand by

Advice when going digital

Meet the founders

Founders Liz Ward and Fabienne Wintle are small business practitioners and digital strategists who exceed in their field of empowering business owners and their staff to make the most of digital technology in their business ventures. They are passionate advocates for digital self-sufficiency within businesses and their practical no-jargon approach has enabled thousands of small and large business owners with the tools and knowledge to make a living from doing what they love in their own businesses.

Our latest training programs

This program aims to provide participants with essential knowledge and skills needed to develop a solid foundation and make informed decisions for their businesses.
Join Navii’s Next Best Steps program now and learn the tried and tested tools & tactics your small Australian business must master to successfully trade in today’s the digital marketplace.

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