Navii Digital Academy Membership

The Navii Digital Academy has been created to support small businesses that do not have a digital expert on their team. The platform provides assistance, guidance, tools and up-to-date self-paced online courses to ensure your business reaps all the rewards the digital space has to offer.

Our Digital Academy is available with different levels of support and offers different durations:


  • No brainer: this entry-level provides you with full course library access
  • Liferaft: this membership level offers fortnightly support calls on top of our full course library access
  • Lifesaver: if you need a digital expert at your fingertips and want to be able to ask one on one questions, this is our premium option. It includes full course library access, fortnightly support calls and premium support.


Hello, we’re Liz & Fab and this is part of our team.

Our mission is to provide you with the clarity and confidence you need to achieve your business goals, by bringing the most tailored marketing and digital marketing practical knowledge, training and support to you no matter where you are located on this beautiful planet.

Select your preferred Digital Academy membership level

  1. Select your preferred duration
  2. Include group calls? Fortnightly group calls are optional. They are the best way to stay motivated and get your questions answered. Make yourself accountable. 
  3. Include premium support? Premium support gives you the one-on-one attention of our team to help you answer any question you may have.

. Navii?

Navii is a space where small businesses learn how to do business better, smarter, and more cost-effectively thanks to digital tools and best practices.

You will gain the necessary skills to grow your business. You will connect, attend streamlined training, and receive answers to your questions to save you time to turn your business goals into reality. It’s a place where you are focused and accountable and maximise your time (as you won’t need to query Google for the answer to your questions!)

. What you'll get

We know you’re time poor and have a small team, perhaps even just yourself.

Everything we’ve created has been designed to give you the solutions you need, to save you time and to be here for anything else you may need. 

We’ll be with you, at every turn. From today onwards, you’ll feel 120% supported, by our team and an alliance of tourism operators around the globe

All our courses

We’ve got an easy-to-search and up-to-date library of over 30+ courses that you will get access to instantly. They are all bite-sized course and will only teach you what you need to know to succeed

Group support calls

Twice monthly, you’ll enjoy the security and support of Liz, Fab and their team via our members-only Live “Coaching Calls”. They’ll answer your strategic and marketing questions and troubleshoot any technical issues you may have.

Phone & Email Support

If you are unable to find answers to your questions in our support forum, our team is ready to help with your specific challenges through our phone and email support during regular business hours.

Member Discounts

Member and industry discounts are available for other Tourism Tribe products. Get everything you need to become a digitally empowered business.

Why join a global alliance of amazing small businesses... learning the ropes supporting each other finding possibilities in what may often feel impossible?

Because you’ll save thousands in contractor’s fees, avoid costly mistakes and save hours very month. We will show you exactly how to better market your small business using the tools that your customers use and how to overcome challenges in your business.

The community brings our combined 50 years experience in strategy, technology, digital marketing and small business together with the experience of other members and pull the best parts out to share it with you through a range of programs designed for busy, regional small business operators.

We want to work with you to grow your business.

Our course library

When you join, you’ll instantly get access to all our course library. You’ll be amazed at all the help we’ve got to help you put those bums ‘wherever you need them’!

Courses included in all memberships

But is it right for you?

Micro business
Accountant and bookeeper
Education business
Admin and support services
Event organiser
Retail and trade business
Leisure business
Health care business
Manufacturing business
Mining business
Spa owner
Virtual assistant
Graphic designer
Professional service provider
Rental businesses
Real estate
Transport and warehousing
Wholesale trade
And many more

We know what it’s like…
to be building a business on our own, without having the funds for a full-time digital expert or marketing manager.

We know what it’s like …
to be so tangled up on delivering amazing experiences and wondering how we are going to get the time, let alone find exactly what we need to do next.

We’re constantly asking ourselves…
if we’re doing the right thing, and just like you, we would have loved to have experts at our fingertips. We did it the hard way.