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E-commerce, video, and CX: Three key trends that SMEs must be focusing on in 2022

A short summary of the article written by Navii's CEO Liz Ward called "E-commerce, video, and CX: Three key trends that SMEs must be focusing on in 2022" that was featured on Smart Company.
First published on March 21, 2022
Last updated on May 9, 2023

Published in Smart Company

In March 2022, Navii’s CEO Liz Ward was interviewed by Smart Company about the most important trends relevant to small business owners in 2022. In the article, Liz discusses the growth in online shopping since the beginning of covid, particularly among those dubbed the silver tech generation, aged 50 to 75 years old. Liz also covers the increasing utilisation of video as a  customer service tool. Finally, Liz discusses the changing expectations consumers have when it comes to customer experience and how digital tools such as live chat have progressed from nice-to-haves to must-haves.

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