Group Coaching Call Summary – 6 June 2023

A video summary and transcript of the 6 June Group Coaching Call which focused on Email Marketing Website, Systemise & Facebook and Fast Track Program.
First published on June 6, 2023
Last updated on January 8, 2024
The Tourism Tribe and Navii Group coaching call covered valuable insights for small business owners. In the Fast Track group, the focus was on email marketing, emphasising the importance of discipline and simplicity. Participants learned to concentrate on one aspect, such as email marketing, and master it before moving on to other areas. They also stressed the need to constantly consider the user's perspective and ensure that content is user-friendly and engaging. Overall, the key takeaways were to avoid getting overwhelmed by trying to do too much at once and to prioritise the user experience in all marketing efforts. During the coaching call, the emphasis shifted to the nurture sequence of email marketing and the use of data analysis tools to reach target markets effectively. The discussion revolved around breaking down the process into a conversational approach, providing valuable content to encourage users to share their email addresses and tailoring subsequent communications based on their interests and preferences. The importance of data analysis and tracking metrics such as click-through rates and conversion rates was highlighted, along with strategies for pricing and leveraging popular market trends. Additionally, the coaches announced the upcoming Fast Track program workshop and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with diverse small businesses, encouraging participants to share their work and experiences. In summary, the coaching call emphasized the importance of focused learning, user-centric approach, and data-driven decision-making in email marketing. Small business owners were encouraged to master one aspect at a time, prioritize user experience, and leverage data analysis tools to effectively reach their target markets.

Automated video transcript

Molly Dobbins 0:00
All right, so we’ll start off with the Fast Track group, Claire and Julia, how are the fast trackers tracking along?

Claire McCollum 0:16
Good, we’ve got quite a little bit of progress with our fast trackers, especially with Wendy, who’s got her, Almost there, almost there. So our session was quite a via that this close, quite a just a dive into understanding the technicalities of pop ups and the actions and what’s supposed to happen after users have submitted their email address. So just really understanding you know, the process and how it all links together in the backend of creating our forms, and, etc. But I think the key takeaway was that, when we’re learning new things, it’s really easy to, to get too excited and start creating all these other things as well. And sometimes that can hinder our learning or our understanding about what does watch. So and I know, I’m, I’m like this too, I need to constantly discipline myself to focus and focus on the one thing. And if we can do one thing really well, that’s what I recommend for everybody, especially in anything that’s email marketing, focus on email marketing, get that done, really well get in a really good routine, understand what your limitations are, and what your what you can do with it. And then once you’ve got that down, Pat, move on to the next thing. So I think sometimes that confusion can arise from trying to do too many things at once and getting excited. So that was one of the key takeaways of that session. And just the second thing as well is making things simple for our users. So quite often, where we’re not, you know, we’re thinking about all the technicality things, but we forget about how it is on the on the users. And so when we’re doing anything, we really want to make sure that we go back and we check, how is this for our user? You know, for example, if we’re writing a blog post, how does it read for our user and their pitches in their videos? Is it too text heavy? Is it got subheadings? Is it got titles in it? So always coming back to our users as our part of that process of analysing what we’ve done? Or looking at what we’ve done along with looking at our insights are just making sure that we always step into our users shoes, and like, how is this going to work for them? So the two year they were the two biggest key takeaways of that?

Molly Dobbins 2:37
That’s fantastic. Yeah, that’s great. I think that’s a good segue into the sort of where we, especially with Sam headed with our little group today, we really delved into, you know, that nurture sequence of email marketing and trying to break it down to the purpose and objective to not overcomplicate it and get you do get overwhelmed and go off track in the process, saying, did you want to shed light on where we want the sort of email marketing today, but also, we really emphasised and highlighted the importance of using data analysis tools to get that insight in order to reach target markets.

Sam Ward 3:19
Yeah, so perfectly set clear, as it feels super complicated as well, you know, when you think about it, but if you were to break it down into, you know, as if it was a conversation with someone, essentially, you need to give them something that makes them want to give you your give over email address to get that piece of information, which puts them into a database, and then it’s deciding, you know, based on what they downloaded or what they wanted, what essentially do they want to hear about. So we use an example of, you know, strategies to deal with potentially, social anxiety if you’re in a wellbeing business. And then you would, you would understand that person probably doesn’t want to hear about, you know, the next like, super, like full on anxiety or rock climbing, or something that’s going to build a lot of anxiety, you know, what are you going to do from there to slowly do it, you probably don’t want to be over stimulated. So looking at your your schedule over a week, what did that look like from a conversation point of view, and it was the call to action within that process? So really trying to break it down to a basic level of if you were to do a conversation, how could you really turn it into a similar campaign? From a data analysis point of view? So it’s really interesting at David had a really good question about how do we actually go with new product when we don’t have a huge amount of information about who we’re going to sell to. So we looked at a few areas where we could look at essentially online data, you know, what is the click through rates, and what is the conversion rates and what is the Kashi cost to create that conversion? We use the Tick Tock creative centre as an example, today about for different products and different industries. is where people paying to actually get someone to click on to their website. And from there, it’s up to your website to do the conversion. can’t just rely on that click through, but you got to have everything set up. So there is a way, there’s no perfect way to do pricing, essentially, but there is a way to start minimising your risk as well about your time and effort that you put into this kind of stuff. The other funny one I thought, which I didn’t do would go into is from David is using Amazon actually visited as different plugins from Amazon to look at sales volumes and different products around the world. And because they’re such a huge business, it’s quite easy to leverage up to understand what if current market trends, if you are going to make different types of products in your E-commerce business, that you can actually look at what’s getting popular and try and get on the back of that as well. Rather than trying to make something then sell it, have to think about what’s popular first, then make it then sell it.

Molly Dobbins 5:57
Perfect. Thank you, Sam. It was good, very insightful. And what’s the takeaway there? Perfect. Well, that’s our session for today. Before we let y’all go, there’s a few, let’s call them public service announcements that I would like to announce today. So if you’re hearing about this fast track program, and you’re like God, this is something that I want to go on this journey. We are kick starting our first workshop, rerunning it again, starting next week, the 15th of June. So if that’s something you really keen and want to delve into on that journey with us, this week, I would say is the week to sign up and join along, you know, take it from other fast trackers on their experience. And we would also as we get, you know, these group coaching calls one on one coaching the Fast Track program, we just want to say we love working with you all. And thank you for inviting us into your businesses and into your lives to take you on these journeys. And as I say that, you know, we would love if we got your permission, I popped it in the chat to the email you can send this to but we would love photos of you guys work in your businesses, anything that you’ve got to share with us. Because we would just love to have a bit of a portfolio of the amazing businesses we get to work with and our coaches I’m sure can vouch for we come across a diverse range of small businesses and we want to really showcase that so if you feel comfortable, and we have your permission, please feel free to send it to programs may email that we have in the chat. And we can’t wait to see you next group coaching call all at the next Fast Track workshop. But other than that, have a fantastic day everyone and thank you for your time and thank you to our coaches. Next time everyone bye.

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