Group Coaching Call Summary – 9 May 2023

A video summary and transcript of the 9 May Group Coaching Call which focused on Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management and Fast Track Program.
First published on May 9, 2023
Last updated on May 23, 2023
During today's group coaching call, the focus was on the Fast Track Program, email marketing, and online reputation. Fabienne Wintle highlighted the need to better educate Chat GPT to obtain more relevant information for businesses. She suggested creating a Google Doc with key details about the business, such as examples of product pages and client emails, to provide context and improve Chat GPT's responses. The group also discussed their lead magnets, with most participants having completed theirs. They emphasized the importance of considering the value level of leads and planning the funnel to move customers from one level to the next. The session then shifted to email marketing, where Claire McCollum provided valuable insights. She stressed the significance of timing in pop-up displays on websites and advised against bombarding visitors with immediate pop-ups. Claire also discussed the automation nurture sequence that accompanies lead magnets and emphasized its role in building customer engagement. Later, the discussion moved to online reputation, with Emily Barry sharing tips on asking for reviews and enhancing customer interactions. She encouraged businesses to identify the happiest points in their customer journey and strategically ask for feedback, avoiding generic requests. Emily emphasized the importance of adding value and personalization to communications, mentioning examples of providing tips or videos related to the product or service. The session concluded with an announcement of future Fast Track Program dates and an invitation to join the next coaching call on May 25th.

Automated video transcript

Molly Dobbins 0:02
Great. Well, it was another great session today. Fab, we might start with you, how did the Fast Track group progress progressing? We started by talking, Julia started saying, she feels that

Fabienne Wintle 0:17
we need to better educate chat GPT. So it understands better about our business, so it can spit out more relevant information to us. And she’s absolutely right. I was saying that I did ask her if it remembers the previous conversations. And it did say somewhat, but not really well. So really good idea when you work with Chad GPT is to have a Google Doc, with the key things that it told you about your business or that you like or that you fed it, for example, examples of your badass page example about your product page, but also examples of emails that you write your clients. So it understands the tone of voice. And if you’ve got that in one document, and before you ask Chat GPT something, just dump that whole document in there. So it provides fresh, relevant information to them, and context that will help it provide you with the best possible answers.

Fabienne Wintle 1:14
The other so we went through everyone’s lead magnets, which were really good, people have been creating excellent content, all our group is pretty much all finished with their lead magnets. And we’re going to be ready to move on very soon to the delivery of that lead magnet via email. So everyone in our groups got product, pretty much an email marketing platform selected. And we’re going to move in that delivery. And I’ve encouraged all people in my group to think about the value lead level of these leads that are in their business. So they’ll come in, they’ll sign up for the lead magnet on the homepage, there’ll be value level what, but then that’s great. We’ve delivered them the lead magnet or the golden nugget, what are we going to do with them next, you know, once they finish their sequence, so start really thinking about that funnel and how to move people from one level to the next level.

Fabienne Wintle 2:13
We talked chocolate, we talk camels, we talk walks with Sue as well. And Sarah join us as well. So that was great. And I encourage everyone to go and look at each other’s Padlets. And learn from one another.

Molly Dobbins 2:28
Fantastic making way which is great. And getting there each step of the way.

Molly Dobbins 2:34
Great, well, perfect. Well, we had a great session two in the main room, we looked at two topics, in particular email marketing and online reputation. So with email marketing, we were fortunate enough to have a bit of a live feedback session for Jane. She’s got a little lead magnet. So we provided feedback there, which was great. So I suppose Claire, for that topic, do a bit of a, what would be your top two tips from that session today?

Claire McCollum 3:03
Yeah, well, that really leads on to run that within fatties group. Because the next stage where you will be you creating the automation theories, the nurture sequence that will go with your lead magnet. And so how that looks on the front end is providing a pop up on your website. And it’s all in the timing of the pop up. So there’s probably a few of you that have pop ups on your website. And we really want to make sure that pop up isn’t set to to come out straightaway. Because we all know how annoying that is, when you go to a website, you haven’t even looked at it and there’s something in your face going. So timing your pop up is critical and also leads on to if there’s an option or a way to embed a subscribe or you know, to sign up form, with integrated within your website strategically placed to offer that lead magnet is even better again. So covering those bases. And then once again with the automation series. So understanding the automation nurture sequence, and how it relates to your lead magnet and how that works. So we’ll dive into that one Marine that fast track programme with Fabian I next time, but yeah, just gave Jane a little bit of feedback on how that works and, and why like why we’re doing it. So yeah, that’s a that’s probably the that in a nutshell.

Fabienne Wintle 4:30
We talked about that as well.

Molly Dobbins 4:36
Yeah. Brilliant. Thanks for that clay. And then, um, we really spoke about the online reputation, particularly about Google reviews and the right way to ask for feedback. So we’re not you know, hassling our clients and customers. What would be your top tips from that session today?

Emily Barry 4:55
Yeah, it’s similar at so many tips and tricks to make your business stand out when it comes to asking for reviews, couple of the things that we mentioned and delve through which each of the businesses we’re not just relying on, after they’ve bought, stayed with you experienced your business, product service, etc. To ask for review, but you identify at what point are they the happiest? are they interacting with your business the most, is there a way where I can, you know, get in and ask for review or communicate with them. So figuring out different touch points during your business’s journey of them, finding you and you having delivered the product service or experience. And then also at the end, using automated emails to, you know, ask them and prompt them for another review. But do it in a way that’s not generic and not like most businesses are doing it, which is, you know, generic subject line of, you know, thanks. Thanks for staying with us. Thanks for choosing we’d love your feedback, leave us a review nothing generic, you want to add value. And we were talking a lot of being gone, the days of you know, give me you know, take take take sell, sell, sell, we want to give back and add value to our customers and our clients. So what can you do to offer value, and we were, you know, brainstorming some examples with David and his would work tools. So instead of sending an email, every time someone receives a new tool, saying, we’d love your feedback, it could be like, have you tried this and give them new tips to try out the tool or some new, you know, like a video or something that they can do with their product that gives them something to do and, you know, experiment with, and bringing in other different aspects like talking about the benefits and what it’s giving you like you could add in if this is very relevant to your target market, you know, is it bringing back memories of you, you know, building stuff with your father or you know, woodworking classes or something that just speaks to the interests of your customers and making it really personalised and we delve through some different strategies and tools and what time to send it, you know, the subject line, all of that stuff, which all that information is in our courses. So you’re just delving through some of the key points that, you know, people can revisit what they’ve already implemented to just go above and beyond meeting your customers expectations, and just over-delivering and surprising and delighting your customers, which can hopefully lead in more positive reviews. So that was kind of what we delved into in our session today.

Molly Dobbins 7:52
Great, thank you so much for him. That was a great summary there. Well, that concludes our group coaching call now just quickly for those NaVi people that are going Oh, what’s this fast track program, definitely keep an eye out for your emails and our social media, as we will be running fast track again. So keep an eye out there for the announcement of those dates. But apart from that, thank you so much for joining us today. Make sure you sign up for the next one, which is on the 25th of May, Thursday 10 am. And apart from that, have a great rest of your day. Thanks everyone,

Emily Barry 8:26
Bye, everyone.

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