Group Support Call Summary – 23 March 2023

A video summary and transcript of the 23 March Group Coaching Call which focused on Email Marketing, AI and Chat GPT.
First published on March 23, 2023
Last updated on May 9, 2023
The Tourism Tribe and Navii Group Coaching Call was a discussion about email marketing and using AI technology to enhance business operations. Claire McCollum advised personalizing emails, reviewing subject lines, and reviewing statistics to improve email marketing. Despina Karatzias emphasized the importance of having a business plan, being consistent, and using content creatively. Emily Barry suggested that businesses focus on what they are currently doing and use AI technology to enhance their current practices before delving into new avenues. The conversation also included a demonstration of ChatGPT, an AI tool that can help create content. The session ended with the presenters providing valuable resources and advice to help small businesses improve their email marketing strategies.

Automated video transcript

Molly Dobbins 0:02
So Claire today you gave some fantastic examples of the workflow of email marketing and some great advice. What would be your top three tips from what we talked about today in terms of email marketing?

Claire McCollum 0:15
Yeah, absolutely. I’ve got lots of notes here. But I think most very importantly, is personalise your emails. So thinking about the language that you talk to your customers to what is the language that you use and make sure that you use that same language, so it’s really personalised, we know that authenticity works really well. So bring that all into email marketing as well. The second tip is to really review your subject lines. We know when we’re building a house that we get so tired at the end of it, and then the most important parts, like all the paint colours, and the finishing touches are so important, and most people will, will be so tired by this point. And it’s the same thing for our emails, we don’t just want to throw out any subject line, especially ones that are really generic, because we’re not going to get that we’re not going to get people clicking on it. So we really need to think about our subject lines and make sure that we put some time into that as just as much as we put into the content of our emails. And finally, in so important is to review your statistics. So looking at your success rates, like your open rates, your click-through rates, what emails are working, what isn’t, what can you change in there, and then monitoring that to improve it. So if you left it as it is, you may be looking at a, you know, maybe a slot, a small open rate of 20%. But if you adjusted it, you could raise that to 50% or even in even further. So it’s really important that those three steps are considered when you’re when you’re thinking about email marketing,

Molly Dobbins 1:59
being amazing. Thank you for those three key points there, Claire. Despi, you really touched on as well the subject lamplight putting making sure you put in a lot of love into that as well as the content. What would your top three tips from today be? And as our small businesses go away and implement those key advice and action points?

Despina Karatzias 2:21
Oh, look, I’m with, with Claire and I would just sing the same song as Claire and Emily, making a commitment to your business by starting with your business plan, your frequency format and your style. Just have your strategy in and be consistent. And give that a good hot go first, and make your own accountability on how you will show up for that delivery. So if we say we want to publish a newsletter every week, when do we need the content and by that we will keep ourselves scheduled. So it gets done that it’s in our calendar, it’s in our diary. And that we know we can hit publish, where we’ve said we will to have that consistent element. And the other. The other layer is don’t leave whatever content that you do you stay in the driver’s seat, that you leave it as just one, even with a chat GPT you’ve written that blog post, like Emily has demonstrated, how can that be converted to a video script? How can that be converted into a so you can share the same message in a video that you would publish also to your YouTube or your Facebook? So just using that content creatively, as in other formats as well. But I’ll leave it at that we can always have, you know, many hours of power. We’ll save that till next time.

Molly Dobbins 3:55
Definitely. So to the next era of power, and M could you finish yourself, you’ve given us such valuable information today, especially that demonstration of chat, chat GPT what would be your key three points of key advice today as our amazing small businesses go away and implement?

Emily Barry 4:16
I’m gonna leave it with one one key takeaway and, you know, going through the demonstration, a lot of you guys were like, blown away by what AI can do and tools such as chat GPT. And it is so easy to get kind of get caught up in the excitement and delve into all the different you know, channels and formats and all the different content you can create and the purposes it can help you and your business but I would take a step back I would look at what you’re currently doing right now. Whether it’s on a daily, weekly monthly basis. What’s taking you a lot of time, what don’t you have time for what do you want to improve? on and look at ways you can use this technology to help you achieve that. The focus on what you’re currently already doing, that you know that your customers engage with aligns with them, and how you connect and show up for them and look at ways to enhance that using AI technology, before you take it a step further and delve into new avenues and new ideas and things to implement in your business. So that’s what I would probably start and yeah, use all of the tools and resources we have available to help you guide that through that process. And sharp next time where we can take it a step further and really delve into what you’ve done from today’s session.

David Eckert 5:30
I was asked a question about the links on that you got it, you’ve given us some links. How do we keep that? Is that does that carry keep those women log out today? They go away? Or do they we can say? No?

Molly Dobbins 6:05
Oh, why? But why don’t I send an email to you guys today with the links to those that we want you to check out where you can go away and bookmark them accordingly. But yeah, I’m more than happy to do that after the session today to make sure we’ve got a

David Eckert 6:16
lot of links. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Liz Purnell-Webb 6:24
I are, they taught us to actually do the tabbing on our browsers. And what I do now is I just open the link, and then I choose a tab for NaVi and resources. And I just put the links in there, I always have them.

Molly Dobbins 6:44
Got a lovely bookmark Navii. I love it.

David Eckert 6:48
Several actually, yeah. Got a

Molly Dobbins 6:51
screenshot and share that with us. Beautiful, well, that’s today’s session. Any final comments, please just feel free to pop in the chat. Otherwise, you know, to contact us, or make sure you book in for next group coaching call. But just before we go, I would like to say and maybe and we’d like to speak a little bit more on this. With our webinar. Next week, we’ll be doing a behind-the-scenes, which I popped a link in there. And I’ll make sure email it. We’re doing a behind-the-scenes of AD, NaVi digital Academy and giving you some great tools tips, as we already are in March and early April 2023. So So much has gone on chat, GBT key indicator of that. So make sure you register and come along. And was there anything you wanted to add to that event at all?

Emily Barry 7:43
Yeah, I would just say we’re holding a free, free webinar next week to make sure you guys as members, make the most of all of the new changes in our learning experience, our digital Academy, that is available to you guys. You guys are already ticking the boxes that you’re showing up to these group coaching calls. But we just want to make sure that you are aware of all the opportunities in all of the different ways. We’re here to support you on a daily, weekly basis and ways you can get some support. And we also have a really exciting announcement to make in our webinars. If that doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what will. So definitely sign up. If you can’t make the time still sign up and we’ll send you the recording. So yeah.

Molly Dobbins 8:31
Amazing. Well, we hope to see you guys there. But apart from that, we thank you for your time today being consistent, and turning up bank accountable. We appreciate you all and we’ll be checking in on those actions and key implementations from today’s session. But thank you again, and we have no pressure. But thank you so much again and we hope you have a lovely rest of your day. Okay, thank you for everything guys. Thanks. Okay, bye.

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