30 Day Health Kick Package

The digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the last two years and your customers are more tech-savvy than ever because of their increased use of digital tools over COVID.  Businesses need to keep pace with these changes, but it can be a challenge to know what the opportunities are and how to implement them, but there is a way to improve your digital marketing without a headache!

Join our 30-day challenge today to refine your digital presence, become more visible, increase leads and make smarter business decisions in line with the changing consumer and digital landscape.

Our goal is to help you get on top of your game, free yourself from stress and make money doing what you love! But don’t worry, we will help you every step of the way.

The 30 Day Health Kick is a set of daily challenges delivered directly into your inbox over 30 consecutive days created to help you make important and achievable incremental changes in your small business!

Each day we will deliver bite-sized tasks with written instructions, videos and examples to guide the quick and easy implementation of digital marketing strategies, website improvement, up-to-date social media advice, smart tools and so much more!

What kind of topics will we cover?

30 Day Health Kick

This challenge is FREE during the month of June, so we hope you can join along as each day we will deliver bite-sized tasks with written instructions, videos and examples to guide the quick and easy implementation.

Examples of bite-sized tasks: 

  • Digital marketing strategies: that will set you apart from other businesses
  • Small business email collaboration template: to help you increase your reach and visibility within your industry
  • A successful and actionable marketing planL: that you can implement straight away using 6 simple steps
  • The lastest social media tips and tricks: including an in-depth video tutorial around reels, how to create them and how to master video marketing
  • Plus so much more!

Instagram Link In Bio Template

Our customisable Instagram link in bio template allows you to level up your business and begin implementing more strategic elements to drive traffic to your website, increase sales and get more customers into your sales funnel!

The template allows you to change anything you want from your branding elements, colours, and designs within SECONDS!

Add a 24-month social media calendar

If planning your social media content and crafting posts that generate engagement isn't your forte then add our SuperHero Social Media calendar to your package.