Imagery for your Business

Learn how to best take advantage of your images, optimise them for your website and social media and also how to work with photographers.

The images you use to represent your business online as a key part of the impression you have upon your audience. Whether it’s on your website, your social media channels or anywhere online, the photos of your business, your products and your team should be an accurate visual representation of your brand in order to facilitate a connection with your target audience online.

This course will take you through the basics of DIY photography for your business, how to work with photographers to get the best results and how to optimise images for use on your website.

Upon completing this course, you’ll also know how to edit, resize and optimise your images for your website. Finally, you’ll also learn critical information with regards to how to select and vet the skills of professional photographer prior to hiring them!

What you'll learn - the WINS!

  • Editing and resizing your images
  • The best programs to edit your images
  • Where to get royalty free stock images
  • How to optimise your images for SEO
  • Setting up an image strategy (website, photo sharing, competition, copyright)
  • Images case studies
  • How to choose a photographer
  • What to expect and consider when working with photographers
  • What kind of images you need for online platforms and relevant requirements (e.g. website, Google Street View, OTAs, social media, ATDW, etc)
  • Basic DIY photography tips; advice on when it’s possible and most suitable to get behind the lens


A willingness to roll your sleeves and have a go.

3 hours
All skill levels


30 day money back guaranteed

This course includes:

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