Membership Package

Are you lacking confidence when it comes to marketing your business online? This membership package will give you 3 different levels of support to smartly digitise your business. From now on you’ve got the support of small business digital experts at your fingertips.

This package has been designed for those businesses who need to kick-start their digital marketing. Its foundation is a membership of your choice to the Navii platform and allows you to choose from our most popular extras that will enable you to kick-start your efforts.

Digital Academy Membership

The Navii Digital Academy has been created to support small businesses that do not have a digital expert on their team. The platform provides assistance, guidance, tools and up-to-date self-paced online courses to ensure your business reaps all the rewards the digital space has to offer.

Our Digital Academy is available with different levels of support and offers different durations:

Add a one on one consultation

Complement your membership with a one-on-one consultation. You will receive specific, detailed and tailored information from our practicing consultants and are able to select from a huge range of topics including digital marketing, business operations and administration.

Add a Digital Engagement Health Check ™

If you don't know where to start when it comes to improving your online presence across your website, Google, Facebook, and Instagram then the Digital Engagement Health Check ™ is a must.

Not only will it give you a state of play, but it will also help you kick-start your efforts with a professional action plan that shows you critical components missing on your assets as well as your lowest-hanging fruit and how to fix them.

Our expert assessors will 'secret-shop' your online assets with a fine-tooth comb and present you with a 57-point action plan in plain English (no tech jargon here) that is clear and encouraging.

The recommendations are super practical and straightforward. They link to self-help online resources so you can visualise what you need to do and why it is important.

Unlike many other digital Health Checks, you may find online, ours is manually completed by our expert assessors who have received extensive training and have industry experience.

Add Bizkeeper 101 course

Navii's signature, laser-focused 6-part, super-practical online course built for small businesses who do not have a digital expert in-house but need to transform from small to smart business.

Add a 24-month social media calendar

If planning your social media content and crafting posts that generate engagement isn't your forte then add our SuperHero Social Media calendar to your package.