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SMEs have a “less-than-healthy” digital presence

A short summary of the article written by Navii's Co-founder and CEO Liz Ward called "SMEs have a “less-than-healthy” digital presence" that was featured in Inside Small Business.
First published on February 1, 2023
Last updated on May 9, 2023

Published in Inside Small Business

Research indicates that SMEs are not meeting the necessary standards for a strong online presence. Navii’s Digital Engagement Health Check™ found that SMEs scored just 32.2% on the website, SEO, and social media best practices, based on 602 businesses surveyed.

In this Inside Small Business article, our Co-founder and CEO Liz Ward commented “The results show that SMEs still have much work to do to achieve a healthy digital presence, missing out on opportunities for better exposure and engagement with their target markets.” Ward suggests that now is a good time to assess digital health and take the steps needed to meet the needs of customers.

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