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How to Conduct an Easy SEO Audit on Your Website

This guide to conducting an easy SEO audit on your website will help ensure your business ranks well in Google search results for relevant keywords.
First published on September 21, 2021
Last updated on May 9, 2023

Ensuring you rank on search engines such as Google will help ensure your small business doesn’t remain the best-kept secret.

While “an easy SEO audit of your website” might sound redundant and an unnecessary exercise (especially if you subcontract to a web developer). However, it’s actually a pretty important exercise that you can conduct on your website.

The purpose of this activity is to conduct a short and simple audit of the two most critical elements of your website. This will help identify areas you are lacking or missing, and how they affect your ranking in search engine results.

Does your website’s meta title and description seem to comply with Google’s recommendations?

Whilst this section only touches on a number of search engine optimisation markers, it is designed to help you start an SEO conversation with your web developer and/or your digital team.

Moz.com has worldwide authority when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO). The team at Moz.com have developed a free tool called MozBar which is available as an extension for Google Chrome that makes getting link metrics and doing SEO on the go a breeze. As you browse through different pages on your website, MozBar displays on-page metrics important to SEO, such as the contents of a webpage’s title tag, alt text, meta robots, and so on,  as well as insights into a webpage’s and domain’s link profile, such as Domain Authority or the number of backlinks.

how to conduct a seo audit on your website
Example of MozBar reverse-engineering important SEO component of their website

Watch the video above for a demonstration on how to install and use the MozBar extension and then use Moz.com’s excellent Beginner’s Guide to SEO to learn more about what your results mean and how to improve them.

This article was first published on Tourism Tribe, on the 15th of August 2021. 

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