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How to write a Media Release for your Small Business

A step-by-step process teaching small business owners how to write a media release to generate free exposure.
First published on June 30, 2022
Last updated on May 9, 2023

The prospect of writing a media release can be intimidating. The truth is that writing a media release is a lot easier than you might think, I am going to break it down into easy steps and show you how to write a media release. I want to encourage you to think about your business and come up with a theme for a media release today.

Step 1: Why do you need to prepare a media release?

Media releases are an excellent method to spread the word about something fantastic your company is doing. They provide your business with free advertising and increased credibility when they are published from a reputable source.

Step 2: Think of an engaging topic to write about

It may highlight an upcoming event, a new product launch, or something unique you’ve implemented in your business. Have you recently shared something on social media that went viral? If others might be interested in learning about it, now is a perfect time to create a media release.

How to write a media release

Step 3: Write the press release, including the 5 W’s

Who: Who is going to read the article?

What: Make sure you have a clear message to communicate.

Where: Where is the article going? To a journalist or your blog? What demographics are going to read your article. Make it relevant to the reader.

When: Think about the best time to send your article, for example, if you are promoting an upcoming launch don’t leave it till the night before or you will not get enough reach to promote the event.

Why: Why should some take the time to read your media release. Make the byline clear and catchy to entice the reader.

Step 4: Include any additional material that may be useful

Such as engaging photographs, videos, or a statement from a credible source. People know you’re passionate about your business, so pick a reputable source for an informative statement to include.

Step 5: Contact the media company to let them know you’ll be sending a media release

This helps build interest before you submit it. Inquire if there is anything specific they would like included in the media release. They are significantly more likely to publish if you take the hard work out of composing the content for them.

Step 6: Share it with the world

Once the article is published, start making the most of it by sharing it on social media, blogging about it, or including it in your newsletter.

Step 7: Develop key relationships

Forming a great relationship with your media outlet is so valuable as you want them to see you as their go-to source for articles, advice, and other topics.

Step 8: Repetition is the key

Don’t stop at one; whenever you do something newsworthy, a media release should be at the top of your list.

Take action

Hopefully, we have simplified the process and stepped you through how to write a media release and empowered you with the skills to write one yourself. The next step is to stop and think about your business and start the process of writing a media release. Be sure to send us any articles you have published as a result of this little nudge. We love to know when we have made a difference.

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