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Creating a mentally healthy workplace - photo of hands from 6 people that are stacked on top of one another to celebrate the team
30-day Health Kick 2022

Creating a mentally healthy workplace

Maintaining a mentally healthy workplace is beneficial to everyone involved: owners, managers, employees… even customers have something to gain! This article explores some considerations when working on cultivating a supportive working environment for your team.

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Benefits of a Navii Membership - woman sitting on couch on a video call smiling and waving at camera
30-day Health Kick 2022

Benefits of a Navii Digital Academy Membership

A Navii membership can help your business save time and money! Allow our professional team to handle all of the legwork and research for you. We love nothing more than discovering new tools and apps that make running a business easier and sharing our knowledge of the ever-changing digital marketing space. In this article, we discuss the benefits of a Navii membership for small business.

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online reputation increasing customer reviews in 2022 - photo of paper with happy, neutral and sad faces next to tick boxes
30-day Health Kick 2022

Online Reputation & Increasing Customer Reviews in 2022

A positive online reputation is the absolute foundation of successfully marketing your business. This article discusses the critical components of managing your online presence and how to make the most of what your customers are saying – plus give you some ideas on how to gain more reviews.

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Hard sell v soft sell
30-day Health Kick 2022

2 Ways to Become Sales Savvy Online

Although there is no perfect technique for sales psychology, most sales tactics are distilled into one of two categories: hard sell and soft sell. Understanding the difference between the two is as vital to your sales strategy as any other important business plan. 

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